Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pizza talk with SUPREME HEEMS.

Famous local rapper SUPREME HEEMS pointing at a framed picture of me in the pizzeria.
Himanshu Suri AKA Supreme Heems is one third of local awesome rap trio Das Racist and works with local awesome nonprofit SEVA NY. He is a nice guy and very smart and a fan of Slice Harvester so obviously he has good taste. We met at Carmine's Original on Norman Ave in Greenpoint to talk bullshit for a little while.

You wanna talk pizza?
I like that when you’re sick and you’re sweating and you don’t even have an appetite you can still eat pizza. Ginger ale and pizza. No matter how sick I am, if I need to eat just for sustenance, there’s pizza. Sometimes eating become just chewing and swallowing like breathing and sleeping. But pizza is somehow still enjoyable even when you’re just masticating to live.

You do the cheese slices, right? I used to get a chicken slice from this one place, and I’d walk in and the guy would make fun of me like, “waddayoo want, you wanna SUPREME, big man? You want a SUPREME?” which was like their big meat lovers slice. So then my friends started calling me Supreme for a while, but it never caught on. Now I wish it did.