About the Rating System!

Let me explain how it works, as there seems to be some speculation and confusion. Just like ideas, art, sex, and all other truly amazing things in the world, the spectrum of bad pizza is just as hearty and rich as the spectrum of good pizza! Pizza can be disgusting in many different way, and in many different increments, just like it can be transcendentally good for a myriad of reasons. As such, my 1 through 8 rating scale can be thought of more like a -4 to +4, with 4 being zero.

So like, a slice that gets a 4 is absolutely just decent, inoffensive, not terribly good but not at all bad. Anything below a 4, from 0 to 3.5, is covering the broad spectrum of BAD pizza. That's your Preemies, your Freddy Kruegers, your Dead Skin Masks, as well as all of their ilk. Anything above a 4, from 4.5 to 8 is the spectrum of good pizza. A slice with a perfect crunch and great sauce with too much cheese might be a 5. Or a slice with perfect ratios and ingredients that's a touch too soft but still has structural integrity, that might be a 6.

You get it? Feel free to ask for clarification.