I Don't Even Know What to Call this One ($100+)
"Yuppie Scum"
Steve "Rock Chalk" Anderson

Whole Pie, Ride or Die, Most Fly Guy In NY ($50+)
Vincent Cavazos
Douglas Elam
The Anonymous Donor!
Michael Ferdman / Firstborn  

Chicken Parm Champions ($20+)
Kerry Hughes
Jill Harrison
Louis Solimano
Marty D. Wombacher
Phoebe Kline
Janelle Jones
Robert Garber
Thomas Seigman
Bret Jergensen
Matthew Gentile
Shaan Obney
Scott's Pizza Tours 
Conor Bastable
Paul Isel
Jonathan Rosenbaum 

Meatball Sandwich Saints ($10+)
Daniel Rohan
K and C
Caroline Paquita
Kevin Mahon
Wayne Heinser
Crystal Bradley
Eric Williams
Christian Hearne
Jordan DeVylder
Virginia Howey
Johnny Coast
Noah Mayers
Jacob The Terrible
Joseph James Porter, Jr.
Yusuke Okada
Joshua Kim
William Davis
Tascha Van Auken
Matthew Hamilton
Jeffrey Holman
Sooin Kwon
Nichole Fromm / Madison A to Z 
Eggplant Parm Patrons ($5+)
Howard Welsh
Dang Chau
Sean Mintz
Grant Johnson
Travis Fristoe
Brooks Jones
Aaron White
Sheila McClear
Josephine Trzaska
Howard Welsh
The Hot New Mexicans
Jessie Jane
Michael Clancy
Mike Taylor
Emily Rosenzweig
Dan Zev
Ron Bauerle
Julie Park 
Laurent J Chaix
Slice Pals ($2.50+)
Amy Koffsky
Donny Pecano
Martin Johansson
Andrea Mules
Meredith Kite
Allison Miller
Vanessa Belz
Jess Mandel
Jesse Steinchen
Ken Olson
RM Bernstein
Alexander Walker

*In the case of vegetarians, vegans or people who don't identify with male pronouns, assume the meatballs and chicken are made of tvp and seitan, respectively and that I am using the word 'guy' in the most non-gendered possible sense imaginable. Fuck it, if you give me $50 I'll call you whatever you want, what do I care?

**If we ate pizza together and you bought a bunch of slices and I left your name off the benefactor list, let me know! I just copied this out of Paypal, pretty much.