Monday, June 11, 2012

I'll be reading at Death Panel #10!

Colin Atrophy (Cupcake Punk, Slice Harvester)
Jarrod Shannahan (Boston Hardocre, Death Panel Press)
Lexi Lampel (Killed By Death, Maximum Wok n Roll)
Marta Lapczynski (Pop Punk, Fat Heart Distro)
Mike ChickenMan (Street Punk, spoken word)

Hosted by A.M. Gittlitz (Anarchopunk, The New Inquiry)

This month's edition of Death Panel Press will be a celebration of the punk literary tradition, even more so than usual. From the late beat prose of Johnny Thunders and Richard Hell, to the nihilistic poems of Lydia Lunch, Exene Valdez, and Henry Rollins, to the fanzine culture of Cometbus and Doris, punk is as good on paper as vinyl, and that's why we're proud to showcase 5 contemporary punk writers: Zinesters Colin Atrophy and Marta Lapczynski, performance art weirdos Jarrod Shannahan and Mike Chickenman, and essayist Lexi Lampel.

Tuesday, June 12th, 8:00 PM
Cage Gallery, 83 Hester St.
Free, cheap drinks for sale to benefit radical shit (please no BYOB)
 This should be fun. I haven't done a reading in a while and I'm pretty excited!

Monday, June 4, 2012

MORE INTERVIEWS: this time it's ME in MRR!

So! A few months ago my friend Aaron interviewed me for MRR and they published it! This was a real deal realization of many childhood dreams on many levels. For one thing, I grew up reading MRR and always daydreamed about doing something worth being featured in the pages. I kind of lost touch with the magazine for a few years in my 20s, but in the past couple, mostly due to the editorial decisions of the recent coordinators, MRR really speaks to me again and I am doubly proud to be worthy of inclusion in this particular iteration. Anyway, I'll save the mushy gushy talk for later. You can buy the actual issue here. It also features a great interview with my friends Neon Piss. Their drummer Greg Harvester is the guy who's zine this whole website is named after so there's something weirdly appropriate about us both being included in the same issue.

Slice Harvester 
Interview by Aaron Cometbus

You can tell this is the East Coast and not Berkeley because you can have a tape recorder out in a public place without everybody freaking out on you.


Yeah, totally. Let’s start with where we are and who we are.

I’m Colin “the Slice Harvester” Hagendorf. We’re at Ben’s Best Delicatessen, in Rego Park Queens, my favorite delicatessen in all of New York City, eating some knishes and pastrami sandwiches, drinking some coffee, and talking about a zine about pizza.

First of all, where are you from?

I’m from New Rochelle, NY, a suburb of New York City five or ten miles north of the Bronx. Or to quote the semi-famous conscious rap group, Brand Nubian, “straight outta Now Rule.” I grew up in the New York punk scene, I guess. I came to the city every weekend...

Which New York punk scene? 
Oh! The New York street punk scene of the late 90s and the New York peace punk scene of the late 90s. There was a nice juxtaposition of going to see Blanks 77 at Coney Island High on a Saturday night, having just seen Anti-Product at ABC No Rio that afternoon.
I grew up in the suburbs. My parents are both from the boroughs, Brooklyn and Queens. Neither one of them would say they were from New York City because to them, growing up in the outer boroughs in the 60s and 70s, “The City” was just Manhattan. My grandmother was still living in Queens until she passed away a few years ago, which is why we’re at Ben’s Best. My mother and I used to take her out to eat here all the time.