Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I been deep in the shit.

But Slice Harvester is not dead! I have four more places to go in Manhattan and then I'm calling it quits, at least for the time being. Although there will certainly be a bit of Manhattan Wrap Up and perhaps a Final Four style showdown?

Anyway, I got this email today from a long time reader wondering where I'd disappeared to which contained this passage:
"Last year I was on a plane from Singapore to NY--i started talking to this guy working in the backwaters of Malaysia. He was visiting NY for the first time and looking forward to getting Pizza.

I asked him if he needed recommendations. He said, no, that he knew where to go because he'd been reading this blog from some guy who was eating at every pizza place--your blog.

Really. "

Also yesterday I hung out with Ben Trogdon who does NUTS! Magazine and we had some super inspiring conversations. It all reminded me that maybe I've been living my life of blood and flesh at the expense of my life of wires and words. Which is to say, I haven't been on the internet too much lately.

So here's what's going to happen:

I have two reviews ready for places I ate at with my friend Paul Lukas. I will post one of them tomorrow and the next one next Wednesday. In the meantime I will eat at the final two pizzerias in Manhattan I haven't eaten at, and I will post the reviews the subsequent two Wednesdays. After that we'll play it by ear.

We are living in wild times. Everyone stay strong.


  1. What a quitter! How about the outer boroughs?

  2. Manhattan took two years, tough guy. So either you pay me a living wage to spend my time writing bullshit about pizza for you, or YOU can spend the next 6-8 years eating at all those pizza places. Send me your first ten completed Staten Island reviews and I'll give you a login to post on Slice Harvester.

  3. if i lived in new york i would totally take you up on that offer!

  4. I can't believe that the folks @ serious eats can make a living at this and you can't I mean, yeah, I get it. But your reviews are vastly superior and more entertaining/insightful.

    Too bad you can't be a Pizza Consultant or a judge on Top Chef or something useful like that. "Padma, you need more grease."

  5. Thomas, the difference between me and the people at Serious Eats is that I completely lack business acumen. While it's my downfall in regards to monetizing my life, my general lack of desire to squeeze money out of things I love is where all my charm lies. I'm like a broke Samson. If I ever start to make money off Slice Harvester I'll lose all my power.

  6. "I'm like a broke Samson. If I ever start to make money off Slice Harvester I'll lose all my power"

    Are you sure you know that to be true? Is it a fear or a truth?

  7. It was neither a fear nor a truth, but a joke!

  8. "We are living in wild times", only the young would say such things...thx for all ur hard work...

  9. Maybe all times are wild times, maaaaaan.

  10. Maybe you could just continue to go to different pizza places in the outer boroughs as you happen upon them and write about them without the deadline of a weekly column?

    You would probably eat that pizza anyway right?

    You aren't quitting eating pizza now.

  11. Congrats Harvester, you are near a long chewed journey.