Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Liberatos Pizza: "More than a feeling."

Liberatos Pizza is on a weird street in a weird building. There are other restaurants on the block, but it seems like somewhere I wouldn't want to go to find food. The buildings are too tall and the street is too narrow. There's a pervasive Dickensian gloom. I wouldn't mind if my tailor or cobbler was on this block. Or if I was going to like, a meeting of the Hermetic Order. But it just doesn't seem like there should be food here.

On the inside, the place is gigantic, and when I was there, empty. There were weird hair metal power ballads playing on the radio, it was super hot, and there were just WEIRD VIBES, MAN. Everything just felt awkward. Suddenly the three of us couldn't really make much of a conversation and everyone was just sort of looking around.

This slice was the only one we ate our whole day together that was adequately cooked and served hot enough. This circumstance created the illusion that the slice itself was better than all the previous slice, when in fact it was just warmer. The slice had too much cheese, and the dough and sauce made it taste like Stoeffer's. I would say that no one should really bother with this pizzera, but it's not TERRIBLE. Try the weird falafel place down the block that looks like it's from the Jetsons.


Liberatos Pizza - $2.75
17 Cedar St (Pearl & William)
New York, NY 10038

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  1. I totally know what weird vibes you're talking about. It's something I experience in MANY of the food outlets way down here. Even during prime lunch hour, Its filled with either alone people in suits trying to get out of their office and away from the crazy assholes they work with, or a group of those assholes, in suits, having an awkward business lunch.