Monday, June 20, 2011

Lisa's Pizzeria: "Where's Lisa at?"

There is an incongruity between the brand new awning of Lisa's Pizzeria and the establishment's worn in and much loved interior that strikes a dissonant chord deep within my soul. That's maybe a little histrionic, but the point is, there is something terribly awry here. At first I thought there had just been like, a remodel of the facade, or whatever. As soon as I was handed my pizza, I became ill at ease. Lew seemed to be taking it easy and keeping his expectation low, but Justin bought into the decor's supposed authenticity hook line and sinker.

This slice wasn't terribly bad, but it wasn't too good. Lew said the sauce had "a vomit quality" to it, and while I wouldn't take it that far, I agree with his assertion that this slice was NO GOOD. At first Justin kept sticking with his guns, saying that the slice was okay, but he finally admitted, "this vaguely approaches what I am expecting to get when I think about ordering a slice of pizza." The crust was good, though, and the cheese was just sort of whatevs. But ultimately, despite the slight vomitude, this shit wasn't too bad. It just wasn't any good at all.


Lisa's Pizzeria - $2.75
76 Fulton St (Gold & Cliff)
New York, NY 10038

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