Friday, June 3, 2011

Palermo Pizza: "Someone show these guys how to use the oven!"

Palermo Pizza is a slight disappointment, but was still the best slice I ate when I walked around with Phil "Phil Chapman is a scumbag" Chapman and Jon the Reporter for the NY Press. The decor was unmemorable, as was the staff. At this point these places are starting to really blend together, and if they're not at least a little charming, and this place wasn't that. I remember the windows being big and bright, and I remember thinking about Bar Mitzvahs, but I think that's just because Jon the Reporter was talking about his Bar Mitzvah when we walked in. Like I said, this place didn't make much of an impression. They had alright coffee, though, and a really clean bathroom, possibly thanks to this sign.

This reminds me of this story Meredith told me about almost getting into a fight at the MOMA during a dance party "curated" by DJ Jazzy Jeff because she stood on the toilet with her head sticking out of her stall and announced, "LADIES! If you are going to hover, please lift the seat. Some of us sit on these things. Collectively our behavior in this bathroom is APPALLING" or something and then some lady was all "shut up" and Meredith was all "make me" or whatever. I don't remember. It's funnier when she tells it. Just ask her about it next time you see her. Or actually don't, that'll probably annoy her. But anyway, either way, nice sign, nice bathroom.

This slice was nearly perfect! It tasted good in every way and seemed to be made of quality ingredients. Like, good cheese, delicious understated sauce, and the dough tasted phenomenal. But the whole thing was pretty undercooked and that hints at a general lack of concern on the part of the proprietors of this place. Like, they put more effort into their bathroom sign than they did into cooking my pizza. And even despite that, it still gets a 6/8 rating! Like, imagine how good this slice would be if they cared about anything besides making clever bathroom puns? Seriously, it would be up in the running for one of the best slices I've had, maybe.


This might could've been a 7-7.5 if it had been cooked! Use that oven, guys.

Palermo Pizza - $2.75
61 Murray St (at W Broadway)
New York, NY 10007

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