Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pizza Box: "This slice may be small, but it's got a lotta fight."

Pizza Box! I like this place. It feels really nice in here. They have draft beer. There is a backyard. Me and Nate didn't avail ourselves of the latter two luxuries, because it was cold and we weren't in the mood for beer, but it is nice to know they are there. And after our slice was done I asked the guy if they had any coffee and he made a pot for us. Maybe that isn't a big deal, but if I were in his shoes I would've just said, "nope, no coffee."

This slice was delicious, but it was way too small. The slice was a little too saucy, but the sauce was awesome with subtle notes of great and a slight aftertaste of spectacular. And there wasn't TOTALLY TOO MUCH, so I was actually kind of happy with the abundance. So, the breakdown: saucier side of the perfect ratio, great cheese, great crust, excellent crunch, but too small. This slice would've been a 7, but it gets points off for being too small, although if it were the same size and less money, it would still be a 7.


Pizza Box - $2.75
176 Bleeker St (MacDougal and Sullivan)
New York, NY 10014


  1. woohay my old hood! man do i love pizza box. never occured to me that the slice was small, maybe that's why i always had to go to ben's as well for a dessert slice.

  2. I'll take a smaller sized slice for a better made product any day of the week.

    Pizza Box has done me right the two times I have stopped by for a slice. --pizzablogger

  3. I used to frequent the Pizza Box at least 4 nights a week when I lived around the corner. I don't know if Julio still owns it, but I have tried all the big name pizza places in the city and would pit this up against any and all that claim to be the best!

    Mike W.

  4. I always hit the "box" when I'm back in town. Ratios, as you say are perfect, and I love the back yard and the beer. Heaven on earth.

  5. every year or two when I go back to the city to visit I go to pizza box, and for what must be 20+ years it is always the same guy working there! I love this place, don't change a thing.

    Dave W, phoenix