Wednesday, December 1, 2010

John's of Bleeker Street: "NO SLICES."

John's of Bleeker Street doesn't sell slices, so it doesn't really count. But it's been there since 1929, and me and Yusuke wanted to go, so we went, so fuck you.

Me and Yusuke got a $12 small pie and a $17 pitcher of Yuengling to split. When it all arrived at the table, Yusuke pointed to the pie, then pointed to the beer, then pointed back to the pie and shouted, "Sid Vicious! Beer and pizza! Sid Vicious!" We dug in and let me tell you, this pizza is delicious. I'm not sure where it measures up in the fancy-pants brick oven artisanal ax community, but as far as this one shmuck is concerned, this shit rules. In the words of Mr. Okada, this pizza was "very good, very greasy, very fresh," and I couldn't agree more. The fresh mozzarella is delicious, the sauce is fantastic and fresh, the dough is phenomenal and has a perfect crunch. I was so full when we got here that this pizza hurt to eat, but I couldn't stop eating it because it was so good! I remarked how full I was and Yusuke sagely said, "good pizza is good pizza anytime," as he closed his eyes to savor a bite of this fantastic pie.


John's of Bleeker Street - $12/pie
278 Bleeker St (7th & Jones)
New York, NY 10014


  1. you try keste across the street while you were there?

  2. This is the best pizza I have every had and I grew up in NY and LI.

    How come only 9 out of 10 slices?

    What's better?

  3. I don't think they used fresh mozzarella. It looks aged (which I normally prefer anyway).

  4. I wonder if it takes eating a whole lot of bad pizza to really enjoy a good one. Or maybe it just takes the enjoyment to another level.

  5. yes please explain why this is 9/10, you said nothing negative in the review at all.

  6. it's 7/8, you ding dongs! Learn to count.