Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Famous Ray's: "Not a Famous Original Ray's, nor the original Ray's, but perhaps the original Famous Ray's?"

I will head into the city one day this week and re-photograph some of these places!
In keeping with my opinion of Famous Original Ray's pizza, the original Famous Ray's totally blows chunks. This place does look pretty cool, though! There are these great checkered tiles along the counter and these pretty cool tables for standing at,  and the place is really spacious and quiet and a little unsettling in a pretty cool way. Too bad the pizza sucks!

This slice had too much cheese and was super nasty. Like it was totally disgusting. Ugh. The slice was really thick, and not crunchy at all. It wasn't soggy, but it was floppy. I kind of felt like I was eating a yoga mat. Yusuke said, "I can't taste sauce so much," and I have to agree with him, so I can't comment on how the sauce is. Mostly this slice is just a disappointing bummer, although Yusuke said, "this slice like Cheesy Bread, and I like cheesy stuff, so it's good." I have to disagree with him that there is anything redeemable about this slice, but who cares. If you like things that are shitty, maybe you will like this slice.


Famous Ray's Pizza - $2.75
465 Ave of the Americas (at 11th)
New York, NY 10014


  1. "I felt like I was eating a yoga mat" has to be one of your best lines ever. I grew up literally across the street from this place, and we still never ate there because of the 3/4 inch thick slab of congealed cheese that came on every slice... LOVE your site!

  2. I love your site, but this review is BS. This is the best pizza in the country! Too much cheese? Thats what New York pizza is all about!! Plus the sauce is absolutely delicious. Taste bud check?

  3. When I was in high school in the olden days (late 1970s) some of us considered this place the ACTUAL Ray's pizza. What the hell did we know? For about 5 visits, the overabundance of cheese was an appealing novelty. Perhaps it was the shock value. That wore off by the time I was in college. I tried it once or twice in the intervening decades and have to say that the slice harvester figured this out way faster than I did. I completely agree.

  4. This place was the "Rays" that won the NY Magazine "Best Pizza in NY" back in the 70's.
    If you love generous toppings, this is the place to go,
    They take a previously baked slice and put a large handful of mushrooms (or whatever ypur choice is) and then a huge handful of cheese on top of that and put it back in the oven to melt the new cheese.
    This also crisps the crust.
    It's so big that you need to eat it with a knife and fork.

  5. I first went here in the VERY early 1990s and it was the second best slice I'd ever had. (After a mob-run joint in suburban Philadelphia that's now history.)

    It was such a good slice back then that a visit here became a pilgrimage on my frequent visits to NYC for a good 18 years.

    There was mild slippage over that 18 years, but the downward spiral really accelerated after 2008 or so. While I wouldn't say it's shitty, it has become completely ordinary. Sad sad sad. Because there was a time when all those old reviews they have up on the wall were right.

  6. This really makes me question your credibility. In the late 70s early 80s there used to be lines around the block. I know. I was there. It is now Famous Roios. The original owner took it back but just passed away a few months ago. His family continues the legacy and LEGACY it is. This is the Rays that made that name become the big deal it became. The one on Prince was first but this place put New York slice pizza on the map. Every magazine and paper wrote about it. Go to Famous Roios and you will see some of them. I like your blog but you are so wrong on this one. Adam Sandler just song about the place last night!