Friday, April 8, 2011

Contributor Comix Friday!

I had planned to write a review today during the slow early evening hours at the diner, but I left my pizza journal at home. However, I present to you instead, a comic, by my good friend and fellow pizza lover, Gabby Schulz, known to some by his nomme de plume, Ken Dahl. Gabby makes awesome comics and writes wry, social commentary on his website. He has a few books out and one of my favorite twitter feeds.

I asked him to draw a comic for the most recent issue of Slice Harvester Quarterly (ordering instructions here), and he threw this together for me in like, 5 minutes, which is super amazing to me because I can't draw very well.

If you're somehow unfamiliar with the ubiquitous Shoddily Modified Spice Shaker, it is discussed in depth here.

Reviews will be back on Monday. Until then, go read about why the world is a shitty, unforgiving place on Gabby's blog.

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