Monday, April 25, 2011

Rosetti's Pizza: "This place is AWESOME!"

I love Kevin Morby. He is a great dude. A few years ago he walked up to me at a party and just started talking to me. I was kind of bummed because I was in the middle of a conversation with a Cool Older Punk who I was really excited wanted to be friends with me. Kevin was really persistent about hanging out and we made plans to meet up later in the week. He came to my neighborhood and I made him come grocery shopping with me. He also briefly played second guitar in a band I used to be in and that shit was fun and he is a good guy and blah blah blah. Sometimes people's projects get popular and you feel resentful because they are a dickhead, or you feel like they are total sellouts, but when I started seeing Kevin's pictures in the paper and stuff, I was not only unsurprised, I also just felt really happy and like maybe we live in a just world after all. Does that make sense?

Anyway, my buddy had been on tour for a really long time and we hadn't seen each other in ages when we met up in Soho to slam a bunch of pizza. Sadly, the first like, three or four pizza shops we stopped at were either shuttered or fancy, sit-down establishments that don't count for Slice Harvester. Our first stop was Rosetti's Pizza, on 6th Ave at Watts St.

Rosetti's was like, a total sleeper slice. I don't know, maybe other people know something I don't and have been singing this place's praises for eons, but I've never even heard of it before and it was GOOD! I am getting really hungry thinking about it and I just ate a brisket sandwich like, 5 minutes ago from my mom's Passover leftovers so it's not even like I'm super hungry or nothing. When we were waiting for our slice, the pizza man realized he had burnt some other guys pizza by accident, and instead of blustering and being a dick about it, he offered the guy a new slice. AND THE GUY DECLINED! It was like a contest watching these people try and be more polite and demure to each other.

This slice was really good. It was really thin, but it was super wide, and the ratios were in perfect accordance with the thin base. The sauce was totally delicious and the cheese was spot on. This is what every slice should be like, although sadly most slices don't come anywhere near this level of awesomeness. I bet you in the comments some putz is gonna be like, "waaaah this is just regular pizza what's so special about it?!!!???!?!" but that person is an idiot. Slice Harvester is about cataloging the huge spectrum of oral, olfactory and emotional experiences that can be garnered in the simple act of sharing a slice of pizza with a friend. So get with it or get out! This slice was delicious. Whether or not it stands up to the test of time we will find out during the ULTIMATE SLICE ELIMINATION ROUND that will happen at the end of all this, but for now as the mayor of Slice Harvester I declare this pizza to be... awesome.


Rosetti's Pizza - $2.50
114 6th Ave (at Watts)
New York, NY 10013


  1. HOLY BALLS!!!

    this might be the highest slice harvester rating i've seen yet!!!

    MEGA BONUS: this is wicked close to the animation studio i work at! i just trekked over to tribeca pizza which i'm pretty indifferent towards, but for some reason i never quest for food north of canal unless i'm biking to that s'nice place for vegany shit. i didn't even know this was around. this slice harvester review may have just had a very profound impact on my daily life! SCORE!!! thank you kind sir!


  2. waaaah this is just regular pizza what's so special about it?!!!???!?!

  3. dude, just got back from there. solid ratios for sure!