Friday, April 1, 2011

Ray's Pizza: "This is the actual original Ray's!"

After the total disaster that was Lombardi's, me and Marty were ready for all of the worst possible outcomes of eating at another "historic pizza parlor." This time we were at Ray's Pizza, which is the oldest pizzeria bearing that moniker, and is also the most famous. So really, this place should be called Famous Original Ray's and the entire FOR chain should change their name to Nondescript Replicant Ray's.

This place is kind of dire. There is no music, which can be a good thing at times, but you can hear a certain amount of hopelessness in the clanking of metal and the slicing of pies. The employees looked bummed. Martin had this to say, "I could picture a nice hangover here. Like if you woke up in this neighborhood for some reason and came for a slice here. The desperation in the place could match the desperation in your body and mind."

This slice was pretty alright, though! When I folded it, it made a beautiful and discernible crunch. However, somehow despite the perfect auditory signifiers of this slice's texture, it was a little bit too chewy anyway. The sauce was really watery, but delicious, and the cheese was great quality even if there was a little too much of it. Despite these qualms, which were small, and which I only listed for the sake of full transparency, this was a good slice! What can I say? I'd eat here again.


Ray's Pizza - $2.65
27 Prince St (Elizabeth & Mott)
New York, NY 10012


  1. this is actually not the original rays pizza! it is on W11th street and 6th avenue... and you will be able to tell because it was famous for a specific way for pizza to be made, which is with a lot of cheese and less sauce. 

  2. Closed.

  3. Prince St Pizza which opened in its place does a great margarita slice. Probably the best option for a slice in the area.