Monday, April 4, 2011

Pomodoro Restaurant & Pizzeria: "Glory days, ain't comin' back."

Pomodoro Restaurant & Pizzeria is a worthless shithole. Walking into this place is like walking into some shitty college sports bar in New Brunswick, NJ. Sometimes when you play a show in New Brunswick they take you to these places to eat before the show and you are surrounded by like, The Rape Culture in the form of the kind of frat guys that Dead Milkmen/Dead Kennedys songs are about. And you start wondering what the hell they are thinking living in this shit city. But then the show happens and New Brunswick is like, the most fun place in the Northeast to play a basement show besides Worcester and you realize that the price you have to to have these houses and excited kids and fun shows is that you have to live in the epicenter of the Patriarchy. And then you start thinking that maybe there's a thing about awesome punk scenes can only happen when they are an antagonist to like, some dominant shitty culture. Which is the root of the ultimately flawed and unsustainable nature of punk as a utopian culture. Because like, there is this thing that happens when there isn't a shitty college frat culture or like, lame rednecks or an oppressive police force where punk scenes turn into garage rock scenes, which are just punk scenes with none of the good politics. Whatever, this place was a bummer, do you get that?

This slice had a good crunch and that's it. The sauce tasted like Elio's. The cheese was crap. There was no grease. The slice wasn't hot enough. The crust was bland. My notes say, "tastes gross. I'm disgusted." Martin said, "it seems kind of dusty." And he's right. This is like a ghost town in your mouth. There is a barren emptiness in the spectrum of flavors from this slice. Holy crap, what a waste of time.


Pomodoro Restaurant & Pizzeria - $2.85
51 Spring St (Mulberry & Lafayette)
New York, NY 10012


  1. Nonna's pizzeria in les, ny has the best drunk rapist Latino serving you at nights.
    be careful.

  2. Heard they've gone downhill, but their vodka pizza used to be pretty tasty.

  3. Wow! Surprised by your review of pomodoro, maybe its because you had the cheese slice? Their vodka slice is heavenly - just had a slice a couple weeks ago....mmmmmmmm....