Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paparri Pizza: "This place should be in Providence."

I feel like Paparri Pizza would fit right in on that street in Providence where I ate all that pizza in October. Not that it totally sucked like that pizza, but the place looked like it was in some shithole college town on "the strip" where all the college kids hang out when they're not on The Quad. Not that Providence is a shithole. You know what I mean. All of my impressions of non-NYC colleges are based on doing drugs at Sarah Lawrence as a teenager and the movie Higher Learning.

TCBY Yogurt, too?! Are you serious?! Yeah dog, totes. When I get done hazing the frosh I'm gonna get a FroYo and a Slice to Go, bro. Don't even try to figure out what's going on, I'm losing my mind. Anyway, the fucking slice:

Not horrible, not really very good. Although if my buddy Noah and I hadn't just spent an hour walking around in giant puppet outfits (check it out, the tiny feet on those big dudes, those are OUR feet!) and then walked 20 blocks, already hungry, in the cold, I might have been a lot less generous with my opinions about this slice. I feel like it's innavoidable that I'll have biases, and I may as well just get them out in the open. That said, this slice seemed to have decent ratios, and a totally excellent crunch. The cheese was super cheap and tasted like crap, though. And it made TONS of shitty, orange grease. Pizza grease should be yellowish, but mostly clear, comparable to vegetable or olive oil. If there are toppings, sure the grease may turn color, but if you get a regular slice and the grease is anything near the color of a Dorito, you have been fucking scammed, my friend. Bummer times. The sauce was pretty much not there, and not in a tasteful understated way. I mean, like, it was absent. And the crust tasted like a stale breadstick.

Paparri Pizza - $2.25
1640 York Avenue
New York, NY 10028


  1. Hey man, stop ragging on Providence and its college kids. You've got to pick your battles when you're willing to acknowledge walking around in a giant puppet outfit.

    That being said, Providence pizza sucks. But still.

  2. Leah,

    Providence rules, and it's very clear that I LOVE that town and the people in it. I spent like, practically a week straight basically walking back and forth between White Electric or whatever that coffee shop with the circuit-bent pinball machines is, and the NY System in Olneyville stopping occasionally at that little tiny shack on whatever street Vinton dead ends at that sells eggs on white bread for $1.25. I love Providence, that town has been good to me. Although if Mike Sauce and my friend Sam move away, I'll have no reason to go there. Hot Weiners alone are not a compelling enough argument.

    All that said, college kids still suck, and Providence has some of the worst ones. What you perhaps are misunderstanding is that not everyone who is In College is a College Kid.

    And as for the giant puppet costume, that was my JOB, son! I got paid to do that shit.

  3. Have you been to Gino's yet? I'd be interested in what you have to say about their pizza. It's on 83rd Street between 1st & 2nd Ave on the northside of the street, closer to 1st.

  4. Gill, I'll get there soon.

    Dani, you're right!