Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bambino's Pizza & Restaurant: "wut?"

Bambino's Pizza and Restaurant
is as lifeless and boring as it looks, and there is really no reason to ever go there. Right across the street is a pretty cool Indian Grocery, that is slightly overpriced (Manhattan priced?) but has totally rad stuff like tons of fresh medicinal herbs in bulk bins and ginger candy. Not worth going out of your way for, but if you are ever in the Gramercy area and need some Lemon Balm or Passion Flower ASAP, this is the place to go. This whole strip is actually swarmed with pretty great smelling Indian restaurants. I don't know if this has always been an Indian food district, but 10 years ago when I still had friends that could afford to live in this neighborhood, or 8 years ago when I was messengering, I don't really remember any of these places existing. Although I may have just been such a broke ass at that point that the only places that even registered on my radar were dumpster spots. Anyone care to enlighten me?

The pizza he was overdone. It's texture was horrible. The flavors were alright, I guess, but it was just so boring. And the place was boring too. Like, totally super dullsville, pal. Maybe I am crazy, but it seems to me like there is no reason to come here when there are at least a dozen Indian restaurants within a block, one of which has to be good. Like, if you want pizza go somewhere else.


Bambino's Pizza & Restaurant - $2.50
126 Lexington Ave (28th & 29th)
New York, NY 10016


  1. that's curry hill, dude. been there for a while.

    not as good as curry row, though.

  2. I think you're referring to Kalustyan's as the awesome Indian grocery? I freakin' love that place. If you want great cheap eats (that aren't pizza) head to their upstairs deli and get a mujadarrah sandwich. Mmmm. Or the eggplant is great, or the lebneh. Curry hill rocks :)

  3. This place is pretty new and was very disappointing.

    People have been calling these few blocks on Lexington 26-29th Curry Hill for at least 10 years.

  4. Is there anything Indian that can replace the
    convenience of the simple slice of pizza?

  5. HEY HARVESTER!!!! You've finally done it! You've unburdened the public from a horrible slice... the place is out of business!!!! Good Work!!!