Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some lowlife stole my girlfriend's bike.

This is the bike, except I swapped out the drops for riser bars and they have these kind of crappy, light brown, padded grips. If you see it around, send me an email or write a comment, this is such a stupid bummer. Better yet, if you see it around, push whatever punk ass motherfucker is riding it off, kick him in the teeth, and bring it over to Second Chance. Leave the bike in the backyard and tell whoever is bartending that you just returned Colin's girlfriend's bike and that they should give me a call and he will come in right now and buy you a drink.


  1. If she doesn't want it stolen, then she shouldn't act like a hipster. All hipsters deserve to have their bikes stolen and destroyed. I find it funny how people with bikes think they're so tough. It's like FYI just because you grow a beard and adopt manly attire doesn't mean you can kick my ass. Go back to the suburbs where your mommy and daddy will buy you everything.

  2. Are you mad because my girl walloped you, or something? FYI, she doesn't have a beard, it's a beard wig. And if wearing a dress with combat boots is manly attire, I'd like to spend some time where you're from, because I wouldn't mind rolling through town in a mini skirt and doc martins.