Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Italy Pizza: "Some sacrifices must be made."

When my friend Good Kid Paulie called me to let me know that he was gonna be back up North from the Southern depths of Chattanooga, TN where he's been living, I wondered if he would find the time to come eat pizza with me. And luckily enough, he followed up his announcement by asking when I was free to eat pizza. And so, when he got here, we went out pizza eating! I was excited because in the time since Paulie has split Brooklyn for the mountains and valleys of beautiful Tennessee, he's started making pizza. Right before he moved last November, when he was living on my storage loft, Paulie started getting really into making bread. It was certainly an uphill battle, but he got a lot of books out of the library and learned a bunch of shit, and now he's started making dough to make pizzas out of! It's always nice to see when a friend's hobby becomes a pretty serious passion. In fact, I heard, (and it was later verified by Paulie, himself), that he recently got chastised by his roommates for filling up his oven with bricks so he could cook pizza better. So look out for an update on Paulie's homemade pizza next time I make it out to Da Noog.

Anyway, when Paulie came out to eat pizza, he brought a couple of Chattanooga friends with him, Liz, Kathleen and Peter, and an old Slice Harvester favorite, Jordan DeVylder.

Our first stop was Famous Little Italy Pizza, which seems to be a sibling store to the Little Italy Pizza that I went to with Eliza and BBC not too long ago. It had the same weird corrugated metal walls, and felt just as awkward and weird. I warned everybody that it wasn't going to be very good, which it wasn't, although Kathleen, Liz and Peter, the Chattanoogans, were pretty into it. The sauce on this slice was good, and the cheese was decent, but the crust was really brittle and weird, almost like Mercato, or something. Paulie said he would be happy with this slice for $2, but at $2.75 it is unfair.

I forgot to photograph this slice, although it looks just like the one at the last place. Instead here is a picture of a young lady REALLY enjoying a slice of pizza and bottled coke from Famous Little Italy Pizza.


Famous Little Italy Pizza - $2.75
333 5th Ave (32nd & 33rd)
New York, NY 10016

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  1. Their fresh mozzerella slice is the best pizza I have ever had!