Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Town Pizza II: "Kick Out the Tories"

New Town Pizza II, as it is allegedly supposed to be called, has a deceptive awning that makes it seem like the joint is called "New Pizza Town" which is a lot more fun. In fact, looking back, I realize I had the same thing to say about New Town Pizza I, but at least that place has a more clearly distinguished difference in fonts. There is really no reason for anyone to believe this place is called anything other than New Pizza Town. I'm not sure why that is so funny to me, but it is, okay? Just lay off. Geez, what're you, my dad?

The slice here looked a lot better than the slice there, but it still wasn't all that good. It wasn't bad, though! There was just something... missing. Not quite sure how to explain it. The crust was okay, although it could've been crunchier. There was ample sauce. There was maybe a little too much cheese, but the cheese tasted fresh and salty, so that wasn't such a problem. This made up for the fact that the crust wasn't salty enough during most of the slice, but when we got to the heel it was just totally boring dry, chewy, flavorless bread. Whatever. This was not a total waste, but it's nothing mindblowing, either, and at $2.99, it's definitely not worth it.


New Town Pizza II - $2.99
360 7th Ave (at 30th)
New York, NY 10001

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