Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bite Me Best: "What is going on with the name of this place?"

So, like I said yesterday, I met up with Steve again at noon and we went out to eat pizza. We got to our first stop, Bite Me Best, and I realized we were a block from C Squat! So I called up my good buddy Bill Cashman who lives there. Bill Cashman is an exceptional gentleman and man about town. He pretty much only does awesome things all the time. On my birthday, he jumped out of a cab and came running up to Second Chance, furiously pushing his way through the crowd of smokers among whom I was standing. I grabbed his jacket and said "Hey Bill, good to see you."
"Oh, Colin! Just the guy I'm looking for. Listen, I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday. I can't stay, but I made the cab driver stop in front of the bar so I could come inside and give you a hug."

That's a stand up guy. Making his ride home detour so that he could wish me a happy birthday in person instead of over the phone.

After me and Steve picked him up, as we were heading outside, Bill polled everyone hanging around outside C Squat about what pizzeria they prefer. Everyone said Bite Me Best was too yuppie and pointed over to Villagio. As we walked away Bill turned to me and said, "well, this place isn't C Squat approved."

This place was a total yuppie hellzone, C Squat stoop sitters were right. But it was really busy in there, and we three barely had room to sit down, so that was a good sign. But the slice they served me didn't look so great.

This slice was a little bit okay. Better than mediocre, but not by much. The cheese was delicious and flavorful. The dough was a little more dense and crumbly than I like, too biscuity, but it was cooked to a perfect crunch. The sauce was awful, but not awful enough that I didn't kind of enjoy this slice a little bit. Bill told me, "no matter what you say, I still back this place. It's open late. Many times I've come here without enough money and they've given me my slice anyway." And later on in the day, we ran into Bill's friend Popeye on C Squat's roof who told us that Bite Me was his favorite pizzeria and that their goat cheese and arugula slice are to die for.


Bite Me Best - $2.50
700 E 9th St (at Ave C)
New York, NY 10009

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  1. this place is closed and gone to pizza heaven.