Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Enzo's Pizza: "This place is nothing special."

As I was standing in the street taking a picture, a cop came swerving up into the bike lane and jammed on his brakes to a stop and then got out and went into Enzo's to get a slice and just left his car unattended in the bike lane. Me and Ann entered the pizzeria after him and left before him. He was still sitting there slowly eating a slice and staring vacantly when we went back outside and his car was still blocking the bike lane and causing cyclists to jut out into traffic in order to get around him. Nice going, officer. Thanks!

This slice was undercooked. It could have been a little better if it was cooked well, but even then, the crust was totally bland and there was not enough sauce. So maybe it would've been a little better, but it wouldn't have been GOOD. It just wouldn't have been bad. Before we tasted it, I asked Ann what word or phrase came to mind when she looked at this slice and she said, "mediocrity." For some reason when I saw this slice I thought "cunnilingus" and then immediately thought "tiny tongue." What does it mean? I'll ask my shrink and get back to you.

Anyway, the rundown on this slice:
  • Would've been better if cooked more but still wouldn't be good.
  • Not enough sauce.
  • Middling cheese.
  • BLAND dough.

Enzo's Pizza - $2.50
50 2nd Ave (2nd & 3rd)
New York, NY 10003


  1. No way that slice was undercooked.

  2. too high for this place, even though it's now closed. i could never be a pizza critic because i've almost never met a slice i didn't love. almost. enzo's and this horrendous place in brianhead, utah are the worst slices i've ever had. it takes UTAH for me not to like a pizza...that's how bad enzo's is.