Monday, February 14, 2011

Nino's Pizza: "Think of the children!"

Nino's Pizza. Here's the thing that should pretty much sum up Nino's: I have been come here a few times over the course of the last I don't even remember how many years, and I never remember that it's here. Like, I just always forget. If asked me where the closest pizzeria was to St. Marks and Ave A, I'd probably say Stromboli (right before telling them it SUCKS). That's because I never ever ever NEVER ever EVER NERVER remember that this place is there.

Right off the bat I liked the fact that this place had hotdog rolls that looked like uncircumsized penises, but that was pretty much all it had going for it.

Me and Ann were split on this one. I thought it was totally middle of the road, and she thought it was HORRIBLE. Here's my take: this slice would be good if the cheese didn't suck. It was cooked pretty good, excellent crunch. The dough was not exceptional, but it was decent. The sauce might've sucked, actually, but I couldn't taste it because of the cheese, which overpowered everything. It tasted crummy and had a weird texture. I described it as "mealy" and Ann said "it's like slime." After her first bite she said, "I'm not taking another bite of that pizza." But despite the cheese, I didn't think it was so bad and I willingly finished the rest of the slice, although Ann muttered "you disgust me," under her breath the whole time. But I honestly didn't think it was so bad! I would eat this again and not mind and if I was drunk I would LOVE it. Plus it's only two bucks!


Nino's - $2.00
131 St. Marks Pl (at Ave A)
New York, NY 10009

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  1. Thanks for sticking up for Nino's dude. Yeah it isn't gonna change your life or anything, but what the fuck do you expect for two bucks? I remember taking some friends there who were on tour from California years ago (they were playing at Brownies if that gives you any sort of reference) and they went absolutely mental over this slice. Granted they are from LA which pretty much makes them the equivalent of illiterate, knuckle dragging morons when it comes to pizza, but whatever. These goofballs were so in love with it I had to take them back again after the show.
    Anyways, as cute as that story is it's not really my point: I really just want to say thanks for doing this thing called Slice Harvester. It rules pretty hard. I don't know what you've got on deck, but I look forward to it. Keep writing your good at it.

    p.s. you forgot to put preps on your shit list at the end of issue 6.

    "My sojourn in New England had been full of a kind of random leisure. The shrine at Newburyport I visited three times and upon each occasion I threw pressed cakes into the pathways leading to the great roads. With my friends I kept a watch for the newly arrived paperbacks and eventually learned to discriminate between the pizza of two establishments."
    -E. Dorn