Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lupita Pizzeria: "Possibly parve pizza?"

Here's the thing about Lupita Pizzeria, it's really cool looking.

The awning is maybe nothing exceptional, but once you're inside, there's a rickety handmade screen door and a weird counter and no tables and the whole place is like, the size of my bathroom. Too bad the pizza sucked.

Meredith was "slightly unsettled" by the way the crust met the pizza. After our first round of bites she exclaimed, "that's the crispiest pizza I ever had. it's like a cracker!" It wasn't crispy in a good way, either. It felt like when my orthodox friends parents used to make Matzo pizzas for a snack during Passover. Seriously shitty.

This slice was so garlicky, super dry, and it seems like the dough never rose at all. I want to make some kind of joke about it being cooked on the backs of people shlepping through the desert, but I guess I made that joke already. In short, there is nothing good to say about this slice.

However, if you're looking to move, the block that this pizzeria is on is beautiful and everybody that lived on it was super nice and started up conversations with us!

Lupita Pizzeria
26 Macombs Pl
New York, NY 10039


Much like half the residents of Brooklyn who have blogs, I sometimes DJ at bars. As it happens, I'll be DJing at Alligator Greenpoint this coming Friday. I figured I might try and make it a Slice Harvester related event because this bar GIVES OUT FREE PIZZAS! Mind you, it's not the best pizza in the world, but of the number of Pizza Bars located in North Brooklyn, this one is by far the best. Also, what kind of pizza lover is gonna complain about a bar that gives you a free tiny pizza with every beer? That shit rules. The bartenders are super sweet, and I play really good music, too, so it'll be fun times.


  1. I hate the pizza in my Illinois college town because the "good pizza" (i.e., pizza that doesn't come from a crappy national or even state-wide chain) is made on some kind of dry flatbread cracker. I'd rather eat frozen, frankly.

  2. Mimi,

    I'm somewhat flattered every time you comment and I realize that you actually follow my blog. You have been one of my major writer-inspirations (if not in style, then perhaps in gumption), for like, a decade at this point. I'm gonna be putting it out as zines, too, so I'll make sure and send you one when it happens.

  3. love the graphic. can old men come too? (not a pun champ)just kiddin, it's the night of rosh hashanah, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shabbat
    no pizza for the lapsed.

  4. Colin, I miss New York pizza like a gaping hole in my heart (or stomach). I can get most everything else I like somewhat regularly, but not pizza. So of course I follow your blog! It makes me hungrily nostalgic.