Monday, September 21, 2009

Tom's Delicious Pizza: "Holy shit, wow."

I feel like it's happening more and more that I'm not finding my perfect slice, but I am finding someone's perfect slice. Such is the case with Tom's Delicious Pizza.

This place looks great and it feels fantastic to be in here. It sits just South of 125th St on Broadway, so while you're listening to the sounds of the pizza oven and the crappy radio station playing Waterfalls by TLC, you also hear the occasional El train clackety-clack by through the wide open doors. The place looks perfect, but when I saw the pizza, my heart sank. It looked like a cheesy mess. Horrifying. But I paid my $2.00 and ordered my slice.

When it came out of the oven, it looked a lot better, but still totally not my style.

This slice looks like it has too much cheese on it, because it does. But I bit into it, and good god, it was fucking fantastic. I'm talking, like, ultimate, incredible slice status. I am not usually into a heavily cheesy slice, y'all know that. I talk about perfect ratios all the time, because such ratios do exist, but sometimes there's a slice that breaks the paradigm and blows up all the preconceptions you spend all day unconsciously walking around with.

The ingredients were all TOP quality. The cheese, heaped on bountifully, was delicious and fresh tasting. The dough had risen plenty, was thrown out perfectly (but not too) thin, the sauce was understated and delicious, slightly sweet, slightly tart, didn't dominate the slice.

Ultimately it was too much cheese, so I pulled some of it off, set it aside, and spread the remaining cheese out evenly over the rest of the slice (much to the chagrin of friend James, who looked at my grubby mitts pawing at every inch of cheese left on the slice we were sharing and sighed, "you just gonna rub your hands all over the whole thing?"). As such, when I got to the crust, which was PERFECT--crispy and dark brown on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside, slightly salty--I wrapped a portion of the remaining cheese around some of the crust, a treat second only to wrapping excess pepperoni slices around your slice's heel.

This place has incredible pizza. If you're a pizza lover and are going to find yourself up at 125th and Broadway, you should save yourself some room for a slice at Tom's.

Tom's Delicious Pizza
3161 Broadway
New York, NY 10027


  1. Agreed, Tom's is awesome. I used to live next door to them so it was hard *not* to have a slice on the way home!

    The 125th St subway station outside is the only one that's elevated in Manhattan, and it's crazy loud.

  2. Tom's is great, and I've found that getting a slice with toppings (I know, not the point of this pizza mission) fixes the too much cheese problem.

  3. Word to Tom's, used to drop by there once in awhilezies when I lived on 125th street. There are other elevated stations in Manhattan, on the very same 1 line further uptown.

  4. So glad you found Tom's...they are the best in the area.

  5. secondo me de pizza non ce capite proprio un cazzo (scusate il termine). ma secondo voi, sulla margherita, e dico margherita non marinara, si mette l'origano!?!?! ma quando mai...comunque bel blog

  6. my mushroom slice tasted like it was lying around for a while, but the plain slice was GOOOOD! And the free soda with any 2 slices made my day. Worth a return trip!

  7. toms delicous is the best pzza ever u cannot compare the sizes of their pizzas!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear Pizza Guy! I live in CT. and like you am a pizza fanatic. Although not always in slice form, New Haven style pizza is believed to be true Naples style pizza and is awesome! I am inviting you to come visit these places-easily reached via metro north. We'll check out Modern, Pepe's, Sally's and Bar-has it's own brewery! Look forward to meeting you one day- Dan