Friday, September 18, 2009

Mama Tina's Pizza Corporation: "What a classy joint."

By the time we got to Mama Tina's, everybody was pretty full, and feeling totally sluggish and dull. The place doesn't look spectacular, but you can never judge a slice by a building's facade. We learned that from Pizza Delia.

But I dutifully forked over my $2.25 and got my pizza. Our fullness might've tempered our opinion of the pizza here if it hadn't been such a solid slice.

It may have been little underdone for my tastes, but no one else felt that way. This slice was perfectly greasy. Like, the exact right amount of grease to make everything totally rule and provide an adequate amount of social lubricant for the killer party going on in your mouth. The ingredients were all of superb quality--this slice was by far the freshest tasting of everything we ate that day. The ratios were perfect and it's that thin New York style I love. Not "thin crust pizza," you know, but not too thick. The sauce was delicious, slightly garlicky, but totally great and not overwhelming, and the cheese had great flavor and a good somewhat-congealed, but still stringy and runny consistency. The crust was pretty much perfect. When we finished this slice, Thunderbolt said, "this one wins," pretty definitively, and everyone just sort of nodded in agreement.

Mama Tina's Pizza Corporation
2649 Frederick Douglass Blvd
New York, NY 10030


Also, I'll try not to make this a habit, but I just need to mention the two things I've been listening to non-stop all night. First, Mike Hunchback, a man of the utmost character, had the courtesy to email me the Weird Fantasy Band EP because he didn't have any copies at the show last night. This shit is so perfect I wanna rip Mike's face off and wear it as a mask next time I play a show. The man is a genius. And the new Raekwon! Have you heard this shit yet? The Wu is back, with a new video featuring bad acting and an undercover cop getting burnt on the face with a blunt roach! I'd like to pretend Meth is saying "all my chicks, hold your dicks" in the chorus and that Wu-Tang is genderqueer inclusive in the '09.

And a re-reminder about the Pizza Party tonight. And yeah, duh, I'm a major believer in overdoing it.


  1. That slice just LOOKS like a perfect NY slice. Great job including them in the reviews. In this case, it really makes me understand what you're getting at.

  2. Mama's is one of the few pizza joints I trust up here. I have yet to find a better slice in the area; their pasta dishes and sandwiches are grest, too. Their great, greasy pepper & egg hero jusr trumpets their authenticity. Also, they are one of the few uptown restaurants smart enough to get listed on I'm theirs.

    Thank you for doing what the rest of us keep threatening to do, but decide not to every time we don't win Mega Millions again.