Friday, November 20, 2009

Casabianca Pizza: "I would rather not ever eat another slice of pizza than eat this again."

Mrs. Harvester, a generally kind and judicious woman, had those very exacting words to say about Casabianca. She is not one for brazen slander, either, so you know it carries substantial weight. And not only is it subpar quality, but the slice costs $2.75, which is at least a full shiny quarter more than every other slice nearby.

I will not mince words here, this slice sucks. It is too thin, totally bland, and covered in nasty grease. You know I'm a fan of grease on pizza. And pizzagrease fandom is apparently a matrilineal trait because Ma Harvester is also swayed by a greasy slice. But we both agree that this pizza totally sucks eggs. The cheese tasted like chemicals and the crust was too dense. In short, this place totally blows.

Casabianca Pizza
503 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019


Don't forget to come to the show tonight. Details in yesterday's post.


  1. Im eating pizza for 60 years and a pizza should bo thin crispy and have some oil that was alway the flavor.I don't know i have eaten the pizza here once a week and i think it's very good not the best but i don't think it sucks. ps.who made you a pizza critic. AND YOUR LOOKING FOR DONATION TO EAT PIZZA SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD SCAM TO KEEP YOUR BELLY FULL. STOP!

  2. Hey, man. I used to teach adult literacy classes, so if you ever want to learn how to read and write, get at me, dog.

  3. Intuitively I have a feeling that he's an employee, if not owner of, Casabianca and he's totally mad that his pizza pies totally suck eggs.

  4. I suggest that anonymous try another place next week.

  5. I live above Casabianca and either it has improved an insane amount over the last 3 years or your taste is out of wack.