Monday, November 2, 2009

Pizza Pete's: "NO LOITERING"

Having been joined by Scott Youth and Doody Rude, the four of us headed over to Pizza Pete's on Columbus, which has, by far, the best handwritten no loitering sign I've seen in a pizzeria yet.

Click here for a closeup of the two 90s punks on the sign, who I think may be drawings of Pete and Shai from the Bouncing Souls.

Anyway, Pizza Pete's Pizza, which one can acquire for an even $2.50 a slice, was the cause of much contention among our otherwise jovial bunch.

The slice certainly looked great, and it smelled fantastic. It was really greasy, too. Not overly greasy, mind you, but perfectly dripping with delicious fatty pizza juices. The sauce was decent if not exceptional, as was the cheese. But the dough! It was perhaps the most divisive dough I've ever eaten. Carrie-Anne and I were both under the impression that the dough was far too dense. It felt like it hadn't leavened properly, or had been leavened with baking soda instead of real yeast. And that, obviously, bummed us out. Rudi and Scott, however, both enjoyed the dough just fine, and felt that it contributed to the overall integrity of the slice. In fact, what CA and I saw as a drawback, they thought was a perk, because it meant the slice would be easy to eat while walking or biking (a very important aspect of a slice that totally slipped my mind these past few months, although I think it's implied whenever I discuss a slice flopping around like a flaccid weiner). At the end, though, everyone agreed that the perfectly golden brown crust had a perfect crunch, even if we couldn't find common ground on the density.

Pizza Pete's - $2.50
528 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10024


As you may have noticed at the top righthand corner of the page, I've added a little donations button for the website. Funds are tight at the Slice Harvester headquarters, and work seems to be a little harder to come by with the frequency that I'd desire. I don't plan to stop eating pizza, but I did the math the other day and realized that I've been spending almost $150 a month out of pocket to fund this goofy adventure.

So I was thinking that maybe if regular readers felt so compelled, they could send me some bucks, whatever they can afford really, in increments of $2.50. Because that way, whoever can and wants to can help subsidize the cost of these pizza slices. And if you donate, leave me a note with your name and I'll mention at the bottom of each post who my benefactor was for that slice. It won't be half as good as my acquaintance Dorothy's Donation Derby, but it's something.

Also, I was thinking of making some merch! Would people be into Slice Harvester t-shirts? They'd probably be less than $10 including shipping and would definitely look really good. How about bandanas that look like a slice of pizza when you tie them over your face? Please comment or email me if you think these things are good ideas, as I could totally use the feedback.

And the zine, let's not forget the zine! It is one the way, and it's gonna look AWESOME.


  1. I'd buy a shirt, if it really did look really good.

  2. stoked about the zine.

    so colin, i went back to sal and carmine's today because, well, i was walking by, and even though i had just had lunch, i couldn't pass up a slice. the best part about it today though, was that the old dude pulls out a brand new sausage pie outta the oven, and then sets it down and starts lifting the sausage circles up and putting them down and pressing them in with his thumb (no gloves of course,) but for no apparent reason other than improving the composition of the sausage on a brand new pie. so rad. also, they're fully stocked in dr. brown's.

  3. i could FEEL that bolus being digested, all the way til it got stuck somewheres. it is probably still in my large intestine. maybe it made a piƱata with the pollito in the middle, and the rest of my diet can party with it.


  4. is there another way to make a donation outside of using paypal?

  5. would totally buy a shirt and buy you a slice oneathese days, or just ask rudi for $2.50 and i can owe her

  6. Anonymous said...

    is there another way to make a donation outside of using paypal?

    Not currently, but the good thing is that you can make a donation via credit or debit card whether you have a paypal account or not.

  7. This is near my new job, but before going in, I'll have you know I looked up your review first. After reading it, sure I wasn't expecting a perfect slice, but I'm not too happy with it. The crust tastes burnt, but it's not. :(