Monday, November 30, 2009

Triangle Pizzeria: "I think it's pleasant."

First and foremost, sorry for my absence. The Slice Harvester took a vacation, not from pizza eating, but from pizza writing. First I stayed at my mom's house for a few days to celebrate our nation's legacy of oppression and genocide. It was pretty cool. My family are still total weirdos, but this year no one got into a fight. In fact, Thursday morning when we were doing the crossword my mother read that article in the Times about cousin's getting married, and playfully suggested that now I could finally "do it" with one of my cousin's whom we all agree is especially loathsome and she then proceeded to repeat the joke to everyone in the family. Oy vey, my life. After that, a very dear friend, Mikey Hotsauce, whom you may remember from my Providence Pizza Post as well as some New York pizza eating in October, came to visit, and I spent time hanging out instead of doing work. Fuckin' sue me.

Anyway, last week I went pizza eating with my friend Bill, who I've known for like, probably more than ten years. He plays in this pretty cool band, The New Dress, who sound kind of like a boy and a girl singing songs that Billy Bragg didn't write yet, as well as a bunch of other rad projects. He is a well-dressed, well-mannered and well-spoken gentleman of the highest caliber and even when I was a misguided and overly passionate early-twenty-something who totally dissed our friendship, Bill understood that we are P4L (Pals 4 Liiiiieeeef!) and just gave me room to be an asshole for a few years without taking any of it personally. Kudos to you, buddy!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, best dude. So, me and him went pizza eating. It turns out, and this may not be news to everyone, that the East Side in the 100s is like, the Inexpensive Pizza District. Me and Bill ate 7 slices and not one of them was over $2.00. Our first stop was Triangle Pizzeria, which may be the smallest pizzeria in all of New York City. Check this shit out:

I am a bad photographer and shit, but is it clear how small that building is? I was pretty impressed. Like, there were maybe three people in there when Bill and I walked in, and while we were there three more tried to come inside and Bill had to go wait outside to make room for them. It was the most awesomely cramped shithole on earth and I love it so much. The pizza, however, while not bad at all, did not taste as good as I felt being inside that cramped pizzeria.

Any even semi-frequent reader will know that this does not look like my shit at all. Way too cheesy, premi crust, the whole thing looks like a mess. And it kind of was a mess, but in a really nice way. This pizza is billowy and soft, and even though it was from a place called triangle pizza everything about it felt round. This pizza was like Chet Bakers voice, or something, like, it was just so soft and comforting. If you like the feeling of warm delicious goo sliding down your throat as much as I do, then this pizza is for you. The cheese, even if there was a little too much of it, was good quality, so it didn't get any weird texture or flavor. The sauce was delicious, and the dough was phenomenal. The crust, even though it was softer than I usually like, tasted fantastic and the softness turned out to be something totally pleasant. The slice was assembled and cooked expertly. This is like, The Chicken Soup of Pizza or something. This pizza will take you home and cuddle with you and stroke your hair while you tell it your problems and then it'll read you Chekhov stories until you fall asleep.

Triangle Pizzeria
246 E 106th St
New York, NY 10029

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  1. Good, cheesy slice! Worth the trip uptown. Only negative is that there are no seats.