Friday, November 6, 2009

Two Mediocre Upper West Side Slices and One Good One.

T & R Pizza - $2.50
411 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10024

The very tip of this slice looks like when Burning Man people (Burning Persons?), cut their tonguis in half to look like a lizard man. Totally bland and mediocre, this slice tasted like a sponge. Scott thought it tasted like the inside of the oven. The crust totally sucked. This place blows.


New Town Pizza - $2.50
2196 Broadway
New York, NY 10024

New Town Pizza. I like the name. I like the fact that if you misread the sign it says "Pizza Town." The slice, though, is not so great. Rudi and Scott were really excited about those big burnt scabs and referred to them as Cheese Bacon, a phrase I must admit to being quite fond of. Despite the presence of deliciously crispy cheese, the bottom of this slice was undercooked, which tells me the slice was cooked poorly. The dough felt like it had been overkneaded--it was dense and chewy in a really unpleasant way. Towards the end this slice got a lot better, though, and the crust was great.


Freddy & Pepe's - $2.50
303 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10023

This was hands down the best slice the four of us had, which says more about what a bad pizza day we had last week than anything else. Because while this slice was totally good in all the right ways, it just lacked that extra, intangible umph to make it stand out. With excellent flavors, great texture and exceptional ratios, this slice did everything right, but it just didn't manage to excite me. If a perfect slice is the Ramones then this slice is like, the Riverdales.

They did have this cool thugged out grim reaper, though.


  1. I used to go to this place regularly, even though it was only a block north of the dearly departed Vinnies. They used to have a really good cilantro sauce for their delicious meat/egg patties (I forget what they call them) that, believe it or not, also tasted good on pizza.

    This place does have a major problem. If you are not paying attantion, they will serve you any old dry slice they have lying around. A slice that is many hours old can literally taste like cardboard when improperly reheated. Now I'm kind of scared to go in, even though I remember that it can be really good. Oy!

  2. I recently discovered this place, despite having lived on the UWS for like 8 years now, and I ordered several items for delivery. I got the chicken bacon ranch slice (excellent), a plain slice, and a pasta dish. The plain slice reminded me of classic NY style pizza I used to get at Original Ray's on 92nd & Madison. It wasn't even that it was so delicious, but it was so CLASSIC that I loved it for the nostalgia factor alone. Hardly any sauce, cheese that tasted like cheese, and a moist, slightly burnt crust. Good ol' NY pizza.