Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Eating a lot of pizza, remember a lot of notes."

Vanity searching Slice Harvester I turned up an article about me in the Taiwanese Epoch Times! The google translation is really pretty hilarious, but if any of my dear readers are capable of giving me a rough translation, I'd be much obliged. First or best translation received, I'll send mail out a copy of my Wintertime Bummer Jams seasonal mixtape along with a complimentary copy of the Slice Harvester zine when it comes out, so get to it!

As you can see, I was too lazy to make a new flier.

In other news, I'm doing another DJ party at Lulu's, the bar in Greenpoint with free pizza. If you want to come hector me about pizza while I'm already grumpy because I'm the only sober guy in the bar, stop by 113 Franklin St, off the Greenpoint Ave G stop any time after 10pm this Thursday evening. Music should be weird and between me and my companion DJ Diamond Joe Porter, there will be something for everyone. Also, I've said this before, but Lulu's has the best pizza out of all the free pizza bars in the city, which is obviously not saying much, but at least they give you free food, a hard find In These Troubling Economic Times, as my favorite fellow anonymous blogger might say.


  1. Is that you on the flyer? I am so there! LOL! I wish I didn't have to work Friday. I will put the event on my blog. I want to come to the next DJ free pizza event. Is that every thursday? FREEEEEEEEEEE!!! There must be a catch. Nothing in life is free.

  2. That is not me on the flier. That is one of the GIS results for "pizza costume."

  3. u could pretend! don't you get constipated from eating so much pizza cheese? i always wonder about the intestinal condition of all you crazy pizza bloggers!

  4. You know thats that falun dafa, falun gong, cult paper right? They were the only ones hectoring voters outside my polling place this november, since they HATE Comptroller Lui. Silly city, huh, cults and comptrollers.

  5. First of all, yes, I would love to trade tapes with you, mostly because I am so delighted at getting name-dropped on your blog, also...

    "a difficult but desirable task of unhealthy".

    Most perfect sentence fragment ever created by a computer's liberties with language.