Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pizza Cave: "This place kind of looks like a pharmacy."

UPDATE: I no longer want to be associated with the person who I ate pizza with in this portion of Slice Harvesting so I've replaced his name on this and all other reviews he appears in with a loaf of white bread. 🍞

Today I had the honor and privilege of pizza-eating with my esteemed friend and comrade 🍞. We met up at the subway station where our respective trainlines train lines collide, though that is just a figure of speech, as our fine city's impeccable and flawless public transit system has intuited and already prevented any possible train accidents. Walking down the platform, I saw a beautiful sight, which, in retrospect I wish I would've taken a picture of. A somewhat ragged street performer had three young yuppies backed up against the wall and was aggressively singing "Come Together" by the Beatles at them. The part where he had to whisper "shoop" in order to establish the proper sonic aesthetic seemed especially harrowing for his victims.

Our first stop on this week's pizza journey led us to an address where, according to the phone book, a place called "Pizza Cave" was located. I was excited for what might be a Fraggle Rock or Al Quaeda themed pizzeria, but instead, I was confronted by this:

It seems like the pizza is an afterthought, much like surprisingly good Tommy's, about which I made a lengthy speculation, if I recall. This is no "Pizza Cave." In fact, it was so bright in here I was a little put off. I'm not sure how much the slice here cost, as I managed to not pay for it, a game I decided to play all day today. (I'm pretty sure that out of 7 slices I ate, I only paid for 2 or 3. It may have had something to do with 🍞 and I wistfully discussing the fact that we may have outgrown Crimethinc.) Anyway, whatever this slice cost would've been too much, so fuck 'em, right?

🍞 thought this slice looked like a slice from Chuck E. Cheese. I don't really know what the pizza there looks like, but I'll take his word for it. This slice was cooked well and had a really good crunch to it, all the way through to the crust, which felt great to bite into. However, there was way too much cheese, the sauce basically didn't exist, and the whole thing had this pervasive blandness, which seems to embody the upper west side in the 60s and 70s pretty well, actually. The crust, though it had an excellent texture, totally lacked any flavor at all.

Pizza Cave
218 W 72nd St
New York, NY 10023

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