Monday, December 28, 2009

Delizia Pizza: "You're not gonna call your mom and say you met the slice of your dreams."

I like the look and feel of Delizia Pizza. The outside lights are pretty classic/classy in a really unobtrusive way. I would've taken a better picture but there was a wild amount of construction on the sidewalk and there was literally no way for me to do so. Amy, Eleanor, Sara and I had been walking around for a while in between here and Pintaile's and we were all pretty cold. When we got inside, it was nice and warm and felt comfortable. Even the pizza places on the Upper East Side are sometimes a little fancier than anywhere I want to be on many days. And this place wasn't super sloppy and charming, but it also didn't seem hella ritzy and obnoxious.

This slice was weird. Color-wise, it kind of looks like a preemie in that picture, no? And it kind of was. The dough tasted undercooked, and the cheese could've been a little more well done. And the sauce was too sweet. Ultimately, this slice was a disappointment. At one point they played The Promise by When In Rome on the radio and I felt like the pizza was begging me for another chance. Eleanor said, "this is the kind of slice you would make out with at the bar, but then when it tries to take you home you'd slip out when it wasn't looking, go home by yourself, get high and masturbate." I guess she is saying that she would rather eat Tombstone? Although if Tombstone pizza is equivalent to masturbating, I'll become a Catholic. But digressions and criticisms aside, check out this fold!

That looks like a paper airplane. Or a really majestic cartoon bird's head! Seriously, compare that to the picture from Zesty Pizza, which was obviously appalling. This is a slice that you can walk with pride while you eat. No need to worry about dripping sauce on your stylish, new, wool slacks or the beautiful oxblood brogues you just got from the Cancer Thrift on 3rd Ave. Or if you're you and not me, then I guess you don't have to worry about dripping anything onto your Old Navy sweatpants and Adidas shower shoes. I can't believe you leave the house like that, you slob!

Delizia Pizza
1762 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10128

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