Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ray's Pizza: "According to the phone book I'm going to write this review 26 more times."

Have I wished everyone a Happy Chanukkah yet? Last Friday, one week ago yesterday, I spent the first day of Chanukkah wandering the Upper East Side with some friends trying to find an open pizza place. Seriously, it seemed as if the first like, five places Sara, Eleanor and I went to were closed. Either permanently, by the health department, etc. It was doubly stressful for me because we were meeting our friend Amy and I kept having to tell her new addresses where to meet up, as each place was consecutively closed. But like the oil discovered by the Maccabee Bros. way back in the day at the Holy Temple in Jersusalem, we burned on. And much like God consistently rewarding the Jewish people for their courage and tenacity with more hardship and tests, we finally found an open pizzeria. A Famous Original Ray's.

What do I have to say about Ray's? Nothing. I already said it here.

I could also just hotlink you to that slice review for this one, to. Because, seriously, fuck a bunch of this place. I think I'm probably not gonna review any of the other FORs, actually, because these shitholes are total shitholes. I'm over it. This counts as a chain, right? I don't have to go and knowingly eat another 40 shitty slices, right? Give me this one Hannukah gift.

Famous Original Ray's
1827 2 Avenue
New York, NY 10128


  1. Is it safe to say there are now only 2,995 of the original 3,000 pizzerias in NYC still open?

  2. oy vey zmir! Vats a boy to do? Only thing worse would be no Chinese food on Christmas! You shouldn't know from it. Alavi!

  3. Are you going to distinguish the "Original Rays" from the "Famous Original Rays" from the "Famous Rays" from the "Ray Bari" places? They aren't all the same chain are they?

    Also, is there still a place in Brooklyn called "Not Rays Pizza?"