Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from Slice Harvester.

While we all know that arbitrary demarcations of time are a tool of The Man, we here at Slice Harvester would at least like to extend a hearty "Have a good next few dozen weeks" to our readership. Sorry the updates have been sporadic lately, but it's been the holidays, and I've been working like a dog since I got back from tour. I've had one day off, and I spent it eating pizza, as any of my Twitter followers are likely aware of.

But come the Next Week, I won't be covering any shift that comes my way anymore, I'll have some semblance of an actual schedule, and then like a man who has recently begun to consistently consume yogurt, I will return to regularity. If you're wondering about things you may have forgotten to do this year, one of them is probably donating to Slice Harvester. It's easy to do, using the donation button at the top righthand corner of the page, and it will ease your troubled conscience exponentially.

In closing, here is a picture of a piece of pizza from yesterday's excursion that looks like an anus wearing a bib:

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