Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finest Pizza Deli: "I think the person who named this place might be a liar."

Initially I thought the name of this place must be a misnomer. Perhaps I'm mistaken, though. Finest Pizza Deli may not have the finest pizza, but it may actually be the finest Pizza Deli. I don't think I've ever been to another "pizza deli" before, (and a cursory search of the blog affirms that I've not visited one in an official capacity yet). But now I'm think that perhaps I don't know for certain what constitutes a "fine" slice of pizza.

This slice was certainly pale and delicate like a porcelain doll. It wasn't exceptionally good, but it was warm decent enough on a rainy day. The cheese was decent, the sauce was a little too sweet, and the crust was undercooked (as is obvious from a quick glance at that crust-color). Ultimately it was nothing special, but nor was it horrible. Totally middle of the road. They did, however, have a number of charming misspellings on one of their signs:

Depending on what the pharmaceutical additions, I might be in the mood for that "Pilly Cheesesteak" as a little nightcap right now.

Finest Pizzeria & Deli
151 E 103rd St
New York, NY 10029


Tonight I am in DC on the first night of Forgetters tour. It's off to a great start, they really packed St. Stephen's Church tonight. Check it out. Tonight was a benefit for We Are Family DC, a pretty rad sounding organization. And I got to meet Mark Anderson tonight! Old punks still doing rad shit are always an inspiration. I didn't get up the chutzpah to really talk to him about how amazing he is because I didn't think I could do it without coming off as some fawning teen, but yeah, that shit was pretty cool.

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  1. it's great that someone has decided to undertake such a crucial/colossal task as yrs. it makes me miss ny pizza even more than i already do.

    i thought you could appreciate this if you havent already heard it.