Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Passione Pizza: "Um... yeah... I don't know..."

This is going to have to be a short entry, because I'm sitting in this weird grocery store/deli/sandwich shop/internet place in Charlotte and we have to head over to Hotlanta real soon to get wild with Babyface and Jermaine Dupri. The show last night was kind of perfect, by the way. Despite how dead things seemed at 6:15 when we got into town, once night falls Charlotte brings it. Either way, it doesn't matter that I gotta rush this one out because there is not much to say about Passione Pizza.

Passione had a warm and inviting interior, which was real nice on the crappy, cold and rainy day me, Christ and Willow spent eating pizza. (I just noticed that typo, but Chrissy Hewes looks just like a white version of Jesus, so I'm gonna keep it there.) The pizza looked like crap behind the counter, but I've learned by now that oftentimes crappy seeming pizza turns out delicious once cooked so I was not judging harshly.

When the slice came, I was immediately turned off by the bold red, manufactured color of the sauce, and the cheese looked like it could go either way, but the crust looked decent, at least. Sadly, I judged the qualities of the sauce correctly, and upon biting in, realized that not only was the viscous component of the pie synthetic, but it was ABUNDANT. Which is to say, that my first bite was a wet, mushy mess. The cheese was not that great, and the bread barely had a crunch. The crust was okay, if a little bland, but all in all this slice was nothing to write home about.

1590 Lexington Ave
New York 10029


  1. Good looks for posting even when yr out of town!

  2. Put in the prices you lazy bum.

  3. Was the irony of writing "it's nothing to write home about" while in Charlotte intentional?

    Oh and you spelled Atlanta incorrectly, it doesn't start with an H.

    Speaking of which, did you get to try any of those Atlanta pizzerias I suggested?

  4. BTW, I've been doing the same thing as you have over the past few years (of course, I wasn't savvy enough to blog about it). I have a ranked list of 100+ pizzerias, and Passione is in the bottom 10.

  5. I love Passione pizza, but only under one condition. Whenever I order a pie (and I only get it as a pie; as a regular slice, not so good), I always get a plain pie and I ask them to cook it a bit extra (well done, I usually say). That's the way to get an amazing crispy pizza, that is one of the most delicious pizzas you can get. Everything about that pie is superb.