Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Delizia Pizza: "Get ready for a series of very lacklustre reviews."

Well, I've been 27 for, what, like 6 days now. And everyone knows that when you turn 27, you start your Saturn Returns, which is a spiritual and emotional journey where you learn all about yourself. And I learned something about myself on Sunday, which is that I apparently really love the Superbowl. Because Monday morning I woke up face down on my living room floor with my coat and boots still on and a vague recollection that James (who you may remember from his stunning pizza analysis some months ago) and Carla had carried me home from the bar. I recall thinking at the time that they were being so nice keeping me company on my walk home, but realized when I woke up fully clothed on the floor that they probably acted more out of civic duty, which is not to say it wasn't nice regardless.

Anyway, I went back to sleep because I knew I would be eating pizza with my friend Blake in a few hours and I wanted to make sure I made it to meet him. When I awoke again at 1pm, I realized in talking to my roommate that I was still quite drunk. This concerned me slightly because it occurred to me that I would have to deal with a hangover some time down the line, although that thought didn't concern me for very long because I was enjoying being drunk.

When I got out of the subway at 77th Street an hour or so later to meet Blake, I was still somewhat tipsy and told him so. "You are walking with a bit of an added swagger, aren't you?" he observed. One of the reasons I like hanging out with Blake is that I feel the need to articulate myself well and never be lazy with my vocabulary when he's around. Not in a way where he puts me on the spot or I feel nervous or anxious, but he's a smart, well-spoken guy, and draws it out of me. It is something I relish when we spend time together and that I appreciate about our friendship.

Sadly, none of that was present on Monday, because I was still drunk from the night before and he had spent days locked up in his house writing and so we were both just acting CRAZY. And though we did talk a LOT while we walked around and ate, I realize that, while all of our conversation was informative and worthwhile (I learned about the Dixie Chicks, Blake learned about Beyonce), very little of it was about pizza, as is apparent from my sparse notes.

Delizia, the first pizzeria we visited, did not help us find our Critic's Voices. Both this place and the slice they served us were both SO BORING.

My notes from this pizzeria in their entirety:
  • flimsy & sweet
  • i have nothing to say about this slice, it is terribly boring.
Luckily for us, even if the pizza wasn't good, they at least had a mural with a really detailed Lady's Ass. I wish I had taken a picture of the father and child about two feet over, because the artist spent a lot more time on this woman's ass than that baby's face.

Delizia 73 - $2.26
1374 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10021

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  1. Hey, bozo! Long time reader, first time commenter. And here's what I have to say:

    $2.26? Really? That's effed.

    - Bill