Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mariella: "A return to New York."

For Blake and I, walking into Mariella Pizza was a symbolic return to New York. Just walking through the doors we could tell we were entering a Real Pizzeria. I'm not making the most astute observations this week, because as you may remember from my initial post regarding mine and Blake's pizza Monday, I was moderately drunk, because I love the Super Bowl. But there was a severe and crucial difference in ~vibes~ between Mariella and the other pizzerias we ate at. I was in tune with it because my third eye is a pizza pie, and Blake was in tune with it because he's from the West Coast and I'm pretty sure his parents are hippies so he spends a lot of time inadvertently communing with the world around him. Which is probably why he spends most of his free time locked up in a sound proof booth in his house!

This slice was not to die for, but compared to the crappy slices we'd been having it was a fucking delight. Nothing out of the ordinary here, decent cheese, not too much sauce, not quite crispy enough but pretty crispy nonetheless. The only real drawback of this slice was that the crust was super dry and not as fluffy as I like, but otherwise, it was a totally decent bite to eat and so far, hands down the best slice near Hunter College.

Mariella Pizza - $2.25
965 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10021

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  1. i agree. it's the best we have in that area. and, most affordable... where else can poor bookstore workers go without spending an hour's worth of wages?!