Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pizza Park: "Remember that the city is a funny place, something like a circus or a sewer. And just remember different people have peculiar tastes."

Pizza Park is like a tiny oasis of Coney Island aesthetics in the barren wasteland of dull, Lenox Hill architecture. As we approached the place, I realized that, pizza-wise, the day I was about to spend eating pizza with Wesley Davis was going to be the diametric opposite of the day I spent eating pizza with Blake Schwarzenbach, inasmuch as every pizzeria Blake and I went to was a weird, totally mediocre, shithole with no character, whereas Wes and I seemed to be off to such a good start! While waiting for my slice, I noticed that this place had one of the weirdest looking Taco Slices I have ever seen. I am not really big on this sort of shit, usually, but I kind of wanted to try it. 1 2

We got our slice and headed over to the window to eat it. (Wes jokingly pointed to the Church across the street and said, "What do you think that building is?" "Oh, that? That's a Church. You can tell because of that round ornamental window on the front. It symbolizes a butthole." "I think I remember that from Catholic school. Is that God's butthole?" "St. John's butthole." Perhaps this actually doesn't translate to text very well.) There were half a dozen latina teens discussing their outrage at John Mayer's racist weiner sitting at the table next to us, the radio was playing Fantasy by Mariah Carey, and the pizza guys gave me attitude for taking pictures of their weird taco slices. To put it plain and true, I was in love with this place and I hoped the pizza would match up to its surroundings.

Sadly, I was somewhat let down. This was nearly a case of Mt. Carmel levels of disappointment, too. Everything about this slice, the cheese, the sauce, the ratios, was great. The crust was perfect! And yet somehow, even with a perfect crust, the dough beneath the slice was terribly substandard. Like, it actually tasted like the dough hadn't leavened properly, but that's obviously not the case because the crust was so good. The problem was, it was too dense and there was no "give" to any of the bites. It was like biting into corrugated cardboard. Total bummer times.

I'll still come back here, though. I'm gonna get really stoned and then eat that taco slice and then sneak into Cop Out.

Pizza Park - $2.50
1233 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10065


  1. my gf lives near here. i've had that taco slice...and it's pretty great. sort of like the "taco casserole" my mom would make from a recipe on the back of a box of new england supermarket generic brand taco shells. actually, the cardboardy crust is probably closer to supermarket taco shells than pizza crust. i know this all sounds like sarcasm, but it's not. that taco slice is awesome.

  2. Hey! you were roughly 4 blocks from my place, let me know next time! I actually just googled "pizza New york NY 10065" and your blog comes up. I think that's awesome. : )
    Hugs! Sabrina

  3. They do have a great Sicilian slice. Maybe the best I have ever had. Worked at the Hospital accross the street and lived down the block on 66st. Wasnt too big on the reg slice but not bad at midnight after a long night out and the Sicilian was gone.