Thursday, January 13, 2011

Iggy's: "Here comes my chinese rug."

Iggy's! In case you didn't catch it, my title is a reference to the Iggy Pop song Success from 1977's Lust for Life album:

Briefly, I would like to mention a second-hand Iggy Pop story. Prior to the decree that everyone at airports had to take their shoes off, my friend Sal was flying to the DR and was on the same plane as Iggy (literally, although not figuratively!). Sal noticed Iggy waiting because he was wearing a sport coat with no shirt underneath and only had one shoe on. Iggy was hanging out with a portly, spoiled-looking teenager who Sal presumed to be his son, and when the plane boarded, Sal noticed that Iggy was flying first class but had booked his kid in coach! I guess it's easier to blast off on success without your kid cramping your style.

Anyway, back to Iggy's Pizza. This place has a stellar slice! It is a bit wet, but in a good way. Noah took a bite and said, "that is... JUICY!" very excitedly. It was soft and wet without being soggy or underdone. It had the perfect amount of good grease and totally delicious chewy crust. Not overly chewy, mind you, but chewy like great homemade bread. It just tasted very personal, if that makes sense, like a lot of love went into it's preparation.


Iggy's  - $2.50
173 1st Ave (12th & 13th)
New York, NY 10003


  1. So I ordered a few pizza's from here last night for a party I was having. What a disappointment! While the cheese/tomato part was delicious, the crust was almost inedible. It was extremely tough and chewy, almost like stale bread. Am so bummed since I tried this place based on the rave review here. Maybe things have gone extremely downhill since January?

  2. Iggy's was recommended by friends that work at the nearby poetry project. the first time i had their slice it knocked my socks off. i came back with my girlfriend and it was totally average.