Friday, January 14, 2011

Muzzarella: "No thank you."

Cory had mentioned that Muzzarella was alright, and it was really packed when we walked by, so me and Matt and Noah were pretty excited about eating here. I mean, as a pizzeria, it looked good! Tiny and cramped, overflowing with people, there was barely room for the three of us and I felt a brief tinge of guilt for taking up a table and only ordering 1 slice. But then we got our pizza and I realized that we were doing a favor to anyone who decided not to come in because we were taking up too much room.

Goodness gracious! This slice was a real waste. It had that criss-cross diamond screen pattern on the bottom where you can tell it was made on top of one of those weird cafeteria trays that looks like a giant bong screen. And it didn't taste like anything really, although Noah said, "this tastes like cans." Matt said the grease didn't taste like anything and the crust tasted like a cracker, which I agree with. And it crumbled in this way totally stunk. All in all this slice was the pits and I knew that already from hanging out in this neighborhood in ages past, but I had totally forgotten cause it's been so long.


Muzzarella - $2.25
221 Ave A (13th & 14th)
New York, NY 10009


  1. Well, you gotta love the Pizza Owl in the window:

  2. Adam, you are right, that is a sweet pizza owl!

  3. Tony Spumoni and Billy Bruchetta ate pizza here in 1974 when Ricky Ricotta walked in and told tony to "lick my prociutte" at which point Billy slapped Ricky in the face with an open cheeseburger. True story.

  4. you go there for the sicilian, not the neopolitan.