Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vinny Vincenz: "This is good pizza!"

Slice Harvester correspondent Cory Feierman--record store manager, dream-babe rock'n'roller, pizza lover, punk rocker--has long mentioned to me that he is pretty into the slice at Vinny Vincenz, although last Thursday when we went by Academy to say hello to him, he was quick to mention that the slice there is usually hit or miss. Luckily for Matthew, Noah and I, or slice last week was a huge hit.

This slice was well cooked and had great ratios. It was a noisy slice. It snapped and cracked when bitten or folded, but it wasn't brittle, just delicately crisp. It had good cheese and an excellent charred flavor, though it was a tad on the small side. Matthew said, "the thinness of the crust demonstrates a measured skill," and I couldn't agree more. But heed the words of Cory, apparently we were lucky and this slice is usually all over the map.


Vinny Vincenz - $2.50
231 1st Ave (13th & 14th)
New York, NY 10003

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  1. Good indeed. When it's on it is definitely a rock solid slice. A nice square at Vinny V as well.

    Make sure to go down and see Jack and try his pizza at South Brooklyn Pizza on the East side of 1st Ave between St Marks & 7th. Tiny shop with no sign, but big on heart and character! --pizzablogger