Friday, March 4, 2011

Mini Munchies Pizzeria: "A portal to Canada?"

Ensconced in a "shopping enclave" on Pitt Street, nestled between the projects under the Williamsburg Bridge, Mini Munchies Pizzeria is a strange and wild place. Mini Munchies looks more like a chinese takeaway than a pizzeria, with it's illuminated photographs behind the counter and it's strange, almost sinister menu imagery.

This man beguiles and terrifies me.
 Everything about this place is totally bizarre, not in the least, their pizza.

This slice befuddled and perplexed me. In the display case, it looked like the worst, least palatable crap slab, but once cooked, it had a certain charm, a certain je ne se qua, that I just can't deny. But it also had sesame seeds on the crust, something I can't recall having ever seen before! Kever, a notable world traveler, told me that sesame seed crust is a common occurrence in the farthest reaches of Great Canada, where my recent pizza companion Steve Dejected hails from! Too bad Steve wasn't with me to sample this slice and possibly verify Kevers's claims.

Seeds aside, this slice left me very conflicted, but I ultimately enjoyed it. It was a solid cruch, and the ratios were pretty good, although it was a little on the cheesy side. But the ingredients tasted surprisingly fresh and seemed to be of a remarkably high quality for such a dump! And the place wasn't without it's charms. Three different old guys came in and tried to sell me and Kever cologne, batteries and signed check for $47.00 that it was sworn to us we could cash and he'd give it to us for just ten bucks

Kever refused to eat the crust, as he has an aversion to sesame seeds, but I found it to be quite decently textured, if a little bland. Regardless of his crust qualms, upon taking his last bite Kever said, "This slice is made with love. I feel good after eating it." And I have to agree.


Mini Munchies Pizzeria - $2.00
87 Pitt St (Stanton & Rivington)
New York, NY 10002


  1. there's a pizza place upstate in Phoenicia that does the sesame seed crust thing. it's ok.

  2. Greetings from Vancouver(Canada): sesame seeds are pretty much on all slices here. :o)

  3. funny i used to delivery for them this first location was around the corner and was bigger and the original guy that made the pizza was a master the pizza he made was flawless his name was martin i tried pizza all over nyc and his pizza is the best sadly he no longer works for Tasty munchies (Original Name) but he left his skills with them even though they are not close to it its still better then most of the oily dusty pizza this city has to offer oh and the sinister looking pizza man on the cover was made by the owners wife so even if he didn't like it he had no choice but to go with it lol they are like family to me and yes they make everything with love in there