Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rocket Joe's Pizza: "It's lonely out in space on such a timeless slice."

Rocket Joe's is a place I have deliberately avoided for so many years now that I have lost count. For a while I biked down Delancey almost every day going to work, and I would always pass this place and bemoan the fates of the poor fools that were suckered by their pretend 1950s awning and neon lights. How corny! How dare they?!

But the place isn't that bad! The pizzaman looked like a Polish Jason Newsted with a labrett piercing, and he was really nice. Something about him just screamed, "after I get out of work I am either going to work out listening to Godsmack or go to a Deftones concert" and that made me really happy!

This slice was surprisingly good. The cheese had a good cheese flavor, the crust had a good crunch and there was enough grease and salt. The sauce had a decent tomato tang but was a little sweeter than is ideal, and there was a little too much of it. This slice was kind of too wet. At times I felt like I was eating an enchilada. And the crust was good and crunchy, but there were sesame seeds on it! I am still so shocked when I see them that I don't know how to feel, although you all know how Slice Harvester feels about change or deviation from pizza conventions. But sometimes it takes a buddy to frame things in a way that makes me see their beauty, and so it was when Sam took a bite of the crust and said, "it's like all of a sudden I'm eating a bagel." I love bagels!


Rocket Joe's - $2.00
61 Delancey St (Eldridge & Allen)
New York, NY 10002

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