Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slice Harvester Photo Exhibition this Friday at City Reliquary!

This Friday, March 18th, 7-10pm
370 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Of the exhibition, the folks at The City Reliquary had these kind words:
"These aren’t just any old pictures – no, they’re one man’s personal mission. One man’s documentation of slices consumed and conquered; of pizzerias attacked and left behind; of entire neighborhoods in Manhattan scratched off his master list. Some call him crazy, some call him obsessed, some call him unhealthy. We at the City Reliquary call him the Slice Harvester. And the City Reliquary is proud to display Slice Harvester’s photo-documentation of Manhattan pizza slices eaten and pizzerias ranked for our next temporary installation."

They will be serving pizza from many of the fine pizza parlors in their fine neighborhood, as well as Brooklyn Brewery beers. And I will be reading from the NEW ISSUE OF SLICE HARVESTER QUARTERLY!

Yep! New zine! Issue 4, 42nd-59th Streets. It'll be available on the streets for the first time this Friday. If for some tragic reason you can't make the event (you work Friday night, you have to study for a midterm, you live somewhere other than New York), the zine will be available through the usual channels some time after Friday. I will make the appropriate announcements at the appropriate times. 

But the real news is that there is a party this Friday, and if you are not there, then no one will ever love you again. While we're at it, if you don't "like" Slice Harvester on facebook or follow me on Twitter, you won't ever enjoy a slice of pizza ever again, a fate that is possibly worse than never being loved.

As for regular updates, they will return when I stop being super swamped with the zine. I've got 3 left to write from when I went pizza eating with Scotty, and then I'm gonna try and head out and do some more by the beginning of next week.


  1. Now that you are almost finished with Manhattan, how many places have you reviewed? Is there a photo up from nearly every place?