Friday, March 25, 2011

Photos from the City Reliquary are in!

Pictured above, me and my beautiful wife, Mrs. Cha Cha Harvester.
The folks at the City Reliquary posted some pictures on their blog from the other night! Take a look.

And here are the few that I took, or that were taken on my camera:

With Pa Harvester, husband to Ma Harvester and father to me. He is surprisingly proud of his disreputable progeny.
My Two Bills: Cashman and Scanga. Wonderful Men, the both of them.
Martin Munroe, my big brother from another mother.
More surrogate siblings: Danskin and Mr. Milo
Former/future boss and fast friend Eric The Red owner of Second Chance Saloon, patron to the arts.


  1. 4 days without a post. Are you not well?

  2. I'm fine. I keep reading Children of Dune instead of posting! I read 230 pages today. I can't get enough of cheesy sci-fi, sometimes at the expense of other things in my life.