Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stanton Street Pizza: "I want it back again, the spirit that WE ONCE HAD!"

Stanton Street Pizza is right next to NYHC Tattoo. Neither Kever nor I could remember having ever seen it in our lives. I'm not sure how long it's been there, but they did a good job of not making it look super new. Sometimes new places look new and that makes me wary. Plus there is that whole weird trend in pizzeria decor where they make it look like a shitty Olive Garden or something. They were playing vaguely weird New Wave here, and the pizza guy was super sweet.

This slice was pretty good! It had good ratios and quality ingredients. It was solid and strong, but delicate, like a male ballerina. And the crust was totally delish! This slice some slight problems. First of all, the sauce was just a hair too sweet, although not to a point that it was offensive. Furthermore, the dough tasted a little yeasty. But these problems were both so minute that Kever and me mostly just enjoyed our experience eating it. As he popped the last bite of crust into his mouth, Kever said, "They planned all the way to the end with this one."


Stanton Street Pizza - $2.00
127 Stanton St (Essex and Norfolk)
New York, NY 10002

1 comment:

  1. i want it back again the slices that we once had. showing all these new spots they taste so fuckin bad.
    you and your crew,
    would never have made it through
    the slices we ate
    in 1982
    they called us the DOUGH BOYS
    they called us UNITED CRUST
    wore aprons round our waists.

    tompkins square on a saturday night
    i see my brother hes eating a slice
    they got him down with extra cheese
    -best topping
    We hung out on 7th and A.
    Friends worked the counter we didnt have to pay.
    Slices came out all night.
    push come to shove, we were down to bite.
    dj parm pasternack