Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cafe Roma: "In which I definitively decide whether or not I will continue to review Kosher pizza."

Okay, Cafe Roma. Not so good, but okay as far as Kosher pizza goes. Notice the sukkah outside. These people are not pretending.

What do you expect? I wish I could lengthen this entry by repeating to you the hilarious tour story that Johnny Pants told me while we were eating, but some tales have to remain between two gentlemen. As far as the slice of pizza here goes, it has the usual Kosher slice pitfalls.

The bread is too brittle, the sauce is too sweet, and the cheese just straight up tasted weird. However, this slice is LEAGUES better than Grandma's. Eating this slice, I started wondering if it was worthwhile to continue eating Kosher pizza, since, as was pointed out to me by a faithful reader, Kosher slice joints have to use different ingredients in order to remain Kosher. However, ultimately I've decided that my readers who keep Kosher deserve to know what some traif shmuck (I know, I know, that's not how you use the word "traif," but come on!) thinks is the best slice of pizza. So, in that spirit, I will declare that as far as I know, Cafe Roma is the best slice of Kosher pizza in New York, beating out it's one competitor, Grandma's, by a landslide.

Cafe Roma
854 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10025


In other news, firstly an apology. I'm sorry I haven't been updating as furiously as I should've been, it's been a hell of a week. But let me just say, that I'll be back on track in the next couple days with more frequent updating.

Secondly, I was recently inteviewed for Cityscape, George Bodarky's incredible show on WFUV. The podcast is available to download, if you wanna hear me talk a bunch of bullshit on the radio. As usual, it got edited a ton and most of my favorite stuff didn't make it to the air, but that's not a problem, because George was a totally incredible interviewer and I had a total blast. Plus it's becoming almost a running game with myself to see how many interviews I can do where they edit out the fact that I do rehabilitation work with sexual assaulters. That's no insult to George, if I was doing a feel good story about some dude eating pizza I would not want him talking about rape either.

Cityscape is kind of like a totally New York specific This American Life, it rules super hard, and thanks to the miracle that is the internet, I can now listen to it at my leisure since I'm never up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. My segment is somewhere in the middle of the show, but I recommend you listen to the whole thing, and if nothing else, check out the interview right after me with the two guys that make Bronx Pop. They are super charming and now I totally want to drink their soda.

For those that are too lazy to download an mp3 and fast-forward, I'll link a streaming version of just my segment in some future post this week.

Finally, I heard some guy was coming around my job claiming that he knows me, and spreading libelous mistruths. I would once again like to invite that fellow to sit down for a cup of coffee and talk all that brazen shit to my face. That isn't a threat or anything, and I totally don't want to fight because two dudes fighting over a misunderstanding is like, the most played out macho bullshit, but I'd like him to look me in the eye then and tell me he knows where I live and how much money I make. I'll even buy the coffee.

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