Saturday, October 3, 2009

Patsy's: "It doesn't count but I couldn't resist."

Patsy's. I know I keep talking about how I'm only gonna eat at places where I can get a plain slice, and skip joints that only serve pies, but come on! If you were around the corner from Patsy's with two friends from out of town who both love pizza, you'd take them too. Besides, this is my project and I get to do whatever I want so fuck you.

Cinque muttered, "this place is kind of fancy..." with a hint of skepticism in his voice as we were handed our menus. Moments later, Megan said, "yeah, but $12 for a pie is not bad at all, especially if it's as good as it's supposed to be." And it was.

Patsy's hella thin crust is really not comparable to any of the other slices I've been eating. This slice and a street slice are different but related, like a Terradactyl and an Emu. The thing that makes this slice notable and relevant to my pizza mission is that it basically sets the sauce standard. Patsy's sauce is PERFECT, hands down. Slightly sweet, and not in a sugary way, with a hint of the fresh tomato flavor. This sauce is the standard by which all future sauce to be judged.

And the cheese is such good quality, and the slightly charred tasted the coal oven imbues the slice with, "like a burny marshmallow before you get to the sweet part," is absolutely perfect. This place is worth taking a date to because it seems fancy but is cheap. And then you can go to the ramble together and cruise some third and fourth partners.

I don't need to tell you this place is amazing because you've read it before in a million places. Totally worth the trip.

Patsy's Pizza
2287 1st Ave
New York, NY 10035


In more News You Already Knew, most pizza in Providence totally blows. After the show at AS220 last night, we all came back to Mike Stoltz's house to hang tough and drink tea, and Mikey decided to order us a pizza. I've had decent pizza in Providence before, but truth be told, I had been traveling for a few months and hadn't had pizza in a while, so I'm starting to question my memory of that pie.

Anyway, check out this travesty:

BOOOO! for Providence pizza, but HURRAY! for Providence.


  1. Really enjoying the blog so far. For what it's worth: Patsy's does sell slices from their corner entrance. They are under $2 and they are delicious.

  2. in case ya didnt knows it, dis was franks favorite place, he supposedly had da pizza flown inta Vegas whiles he was playin dere. Yea, dats right, Frank, Ol' Blue Eyes himself, Chairman of The Board, his favorite joint for pie. Better than any of his home places in Hoboken.
    Just sayin'

  3. damn bro. that's a boner party slice

  4. damn someone already beat me to the via comment i am now making.

  5. whoa i have a terrifying story about a via via dumpster attempt, a super party after hours lone late night bike ride, and a 20 year old Sam. i'll tell you next time it's not the internet

  6. Is Patsy's the first place you've 'reviewed' that has used a coal fired oven? The crust looks great! And if you're ever interested in showing a scrub from B.C. around NYC, let me know and we'll kill some beer in your neck of the woods.

  7. I didn't like the Patsy's slice. Good cheese and sauce, but the bottom was too sooty, and nothing adhered to the dough, so all the tasting toppings kept sliding off. :(

  8. As of last summer, a slice at Patsy's was $1.75.

  9. Just discovering this blog and wanted to compare my taste to yours- you are basically my hero for having eaten so much NY pizza- so checked on your Patsy's review (my fav slice). Spot on! Agree on the perfect sauce and quality cheese, great crust though can get soggy after a while. I tried your #1 slice yesterday, though, and found it somewhat lacking in flavor, compared to a lot of NJ pizza I've been eating lately.